After 7 Years, We Are Closed – Site Will Stay Online

What's Desuade All About?

It's simple: awesome products, that do awesome things, for awesome people.

Most people will never need our products – so why design it for them? We create solutions just for you.

Less is more, and quality over quantity – do a few things, and do them right. We're Getting Real.

It's not just about particles, physics, tweening – or even Flash. It's about innovation and purpose.

Passion drives you, and your passion drives Desuade. Do what you love, and love what you do.

It's about products with personality – not just for anybody – but for real people, with meaningful lives.

Creating value & building relationships that thrive. By now one can see – Desuade is the difference.

Who's Desuade?

Desuade is actually just a one-man indie development project started in 2006 by Andrew Fitzgerald. While the quality, design, and professionalism is that of a larger company, the passion and support is that of a solo entrepreneur's dedication to bringing remarkable excellence.

Remember, your support is literally what keeps this project going, and the reason the Desuade AS3 libraries are available free to the open source community.