Developer Zone

The Desuade Developer Zone is where you can find all the resources you need to develop your Flash movies and applications using any of the Desuade libraries.


All our source is version-controlled via GIT and is publicly available at Github. Understanding that not all developers have adopted GIT, the source is also cloned to a SVN repository at Google Code. Changes are made with GIT – the SVN repo is simply a mirror.

Desuade encourages the Open-Source community, and welcomes you to branch, fork, play, bug report, suggest changes, and submit fixes and improvements to all our code - everyone can benefit from this kind of freedom.


For GIT users, visit our Github page for access to our repository

Google Code

If you would prefer SVN access, visit our Google Code page.


These are downloads for developers looking for the latest and greatest. Please note: these may or may not be stable for production environments.