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Desuade Motion Package

Flash Demo for Desuade Motion Package

Are you a traditional timeline and keyframe animator looking to dynamically create your animations by code? Maybe you looked at a few AS3 libraries and were overwhelmed by activating a bazillion plugins, or even worse – forced to use ones that were slow, heavy, and bloated with features you never use. Or maybe you already use an awesome ActionScript tweening engine, but are looking to create something more natural and sophisticated with software that's made for and by professionals.

Introducing the Desuade Motion Package – an AS3 library that makes complex motion simple

Desuade is revolutionizing the way developers and designers code animations with the industry introduction of MotionControllers™ – the pragmatic approach to creating complex animations using virtual keyframes – just like Flash CS4's Motion Editor.

The Desuade Motion Package is the first and only AS3 library for Flash that has been built with tweening, sequencing, and physics – all in one integrated package. Imagine being able to create any kind of motion that you'll ever need, using a single syntax that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

The package consists of the following components:

  • MotionControllers: design animations based on a sequence of virtual keyframes
  • Sequences: easily create powerful sequences with any motion object
  • Tweens: make efficient and powerful tweens that include bezier and color
  • Physics: animate naturally using velocity, acceleration, and friction

To top it off, most of the package is directly configurable with XML - generate, save, share, and load complex animations through XML. Relax knowing your animations are future-proof, and even cross-compatible with other engines.

Are you beginning to get excited yet? Just visit the Download page and start using it today!

Feel free to learn more now about the package by visiting the Features page, or view the technical details and syntax on the Specs page.