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Desuade Motion Package

The Desuade Motion Package offers more than an innovative way to create motion – it also includes a powerful tweening engine at it's core, along with universal sequencing and natural physics.

Virtual Keyframe Motion Editor

With MotionControllers™ you can achieve the kinds of complex tweening introduced by Flash CS4's Motion Editor pragmatically. Make your life easier with an intuitive way to create motion through code, using concepts you already know.

Be dynamic with code in motion.

Virtual Keyframes with MotionControllers

Effortless Control of Anything

Use the Motion Package to change and sequence the value of any object - going beyond just sliding or fading MovieClips. With tweens (and even physics), you can modify any property knowing that it'll just work.

Do more than just tween.


Feel great knowing you use a framework that's been designed with OOP and design patterns in mind, with classes that utilize inheritance to keep file-size low, giving you this flexibility that professionals demand. It also features a breakthrough tween-pooling engine, giving you an efficient and stable experience no matter what the demand.

Work more efficiently with smarter code.

Object-Oriented Programming

Free - As In Beer

Create with absolute freedom - absolutely free. The entire package is open-source, and released under the MIT License for zero cost – forever. No confusing licensing or surprises down the road; just the peace of mind you deserve.

Save more time and money. Now.

Animate Like A Pro

Create complex and professional animations that rival those of seasoned keyframe animators - without ever touching the timeline.

Your friends will wonder. So go ahead, tell 'em.

Physics Included

Stop worrying about complicated equations, and start creating fluid, realistic, and interactive motion with a basic physics engine that does all the hard work for you.

Organic motion made almost too easy.

Physics Equation

XML Reusability

Since the entire package is based on XML, you can configure your animations outside of Flash. Just imagine all the possibilities this has – from reusing code to giving your clients more control of their projects – this saves you hours of mindless, post production tweaking.

Make your motion truly dynamic with XML.

Stay Strong and Light

Lightweight doesn't mean sacrifice. Instead of adding more and more, or removing useful features just for small-size bragging rights, Desuade focuses on packing the biggest punch in the smallest package so you can develop and deploy faster.

Not just light, but Desuade Featherlite™.

Desuade Featherlite