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Desuade Motion Package

The Desuade Motion Package has an extensive set of features, many in common with Partigen. Take a look at some of the technical specifications for the package:


  • Motion Controllers (keyframe-sequencing)
  • Tweening
  • Physics
  • Sequencing
  • Full Package XML-Serialization
  • Highest-in-class performance and features
  • 3D Support
  • Color Manipulation
  • Advanced Debugging
  • Inheritance-based classes
  • Low (base) file size – 3k (standard feature set 6k)
  • 100% Free – Open Source and MIT Licensed


  • Advanced sequencing simulates timeline-based motion (similar to Flash CS4's Motion Editor)
  • Random ranges of values with 'spread'
  • KeyframeContainers to store unlimited keyframes (similar to standard timeline keyframes)
  • Allows for different eases from keyframe-to-keyframe
  • Can be started at a given time or keyframe
  • Relative length of tweens based on duration
  • Controllers for Tween, Physics, and ColorTween classes
  • Generates (and is configurable by) XML
  • Started, Advanced, and Ended Events


  • Sequence tweens, physics, functions, controllers, and other sequences
  • Sequences inherit Array and items can be manipulated like an array
  • SequenceGroups let items be ran together in a sequence
  • Sequences can be nested inside other sequences
  • Sequences can start at a given position or time
  • Sequences can be configured to advance manually
  • Started, Advanced, and Ended Events


  • Tween any object's property, not just display properties
  • Static calls and instance-based tweening
  • Strict and object-based syntax
  • Multiple levels of tweens for performance and low file size
  • Color tweening
  • Multi-tweens
  • Bezier tweening
  • Penner easing classes included
  • Relative and absolute end values
  • Pause/Play tweens
  • High-performance tween pooling
  • Start/stop controls
  • Started, Ended, and Updated Events
  • Generates (and is configurable by) XML


  • Physics motion can be applied to any property, not just positional
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Friction
  • Start/stop
  • Set duration and can be sequenced
  • Started, Ended, and Updated Events
  • Generates (and is configurable by) XML


  • ActionScript 3 (AS3)
  • Adobe Flash Player 9/10
  • Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 and Flex
  • Papervision3D (PV3D)
  • Desuade Partigen 2.5
  • Compiles "strict"

AS3 Syntax Examples

//motion controllers
var mc:MotionController = new MotionController(target, 'x', 5);
mc.keyframes.begin.value = 0;
mc.keyframes.add(new Keyframe(.5, 0, 'easeOutQuad', 500));
mc.keyframes.end.value = 300;

var my_phys:BasicPhysics = new BasicPhysics(my_mc, {property:'y', velocity:1, acceleration:0.1, friction:2, flip:true});

var my_tween:Tween = new Tween(my_obj, {property:'x', value:'250', ease:'easeOutSine', duration:3, delay:.5, bezier:[50, '-100', 200]});

var my_sequence:Sequence = new Sequence(
new Tween(target1, {property:'x', value:300, duration:3, bezier:[-100, 500]}),
new Tween(target1, {property:'y', value:300, duration:2, bezier:[-100, 500]})
new Tween({target:target2, property:'y', value:0, duration:3})