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Desuade Partigen 2

At the heart of any system is it's engine – and Desuade Partigen is no exception. This free open source particle effects engine is the pulse of what makes these coveted Adobe Flash effects come to life.

Develop With Freedom

Desuade believes in open source as much as you do. The AS3 Partigen engine is now open source and available for FREE under the MIT license. Not just free software, but quality code you can actually learn from.

Because knowledge is the real freedom.

Be on the Cutting Edge

Leveraging the power of AS3, one can truly benefit from this kind of power. Do more than blow your clients away: realize your true potential using an engine you can continue to expect to revolutionize the Flash industry.

Start your own revolution – today.

Easy API

Develop With a Unified Syntax

Since Partigen is built on top of the Desuade Motion Package, you can harness the power of the world's most comprehensive motion library in a syntax you already know and love.

You'll wonder where the learning curve went.


Configure in XML

Just like the Desuade Motion Package, creating effects from XML couldn't be easier. From entire emitters, down to a single Keyframe – Partigen can be serialized.

ActionScript 3 & XML. Enough said.

Take Your Pick

Partigen is the only particle effects engine in the world to offer the choice between tweening or physics. Use Desuade's exclusive MotionControllers™ to customize every detail of your effect, just how you like it.

Choice – the difference Desuade provides.

Physics and Tweening

Design With Standards

To be this powerful, and yet so incredibly light, Partigen leverages inheritance and a unique MVC architecture using the same OOP ideals you do. You have your own standards, and Desuade helps you follow them.

Do more with professional grade code.

Object-Oriented Programming

Save Valuable Resources

Partigen is tiny. The most basic emitter starts at only 5k. That's 1/10 the size of the original, and 1/50 the size of a typical rendered movie effect. Not only that, but Partigen now uses advanced object-caching that makes effects silky smooth and memory efficient. It's about the biggest bang for the buck, without sacrificing quality – saving you and your clients time & money.

Be Desuade Featherlite™ – robust and nimble.

Desuade Featherlite