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Desuade Partigen 2

Desuade Partigen 2 offers a brand new interface and incredible new features – thanks to an entirely new architecture rebuilt from the ground-up in AS3. This is just what everyone's been waiting for.

  • Watch Partigen 2.5 Playlist on Youtube
  • Settingsgroups

    New Settings and Grouping

  • Prefetchblend

    Prefetch and BlendMode

  • Rendering

    New Rendering Options

  • Glowfilter

    Native Glow Filter

  • Installnew

    Install New Effects

  • Bitmapcanvas

    BitmapCanvas Component

  • Cl2xml

    CL2XML Exporting

  • Full Adobe Flash CS5 compatibility
  • New PixelRenderer & Particles
  • Particles can now be any class
  • Particle & tween object pooling
  • Native filter & renderer support in XML
  • Much bigger XML pane in Partigen2UI
  • Renderers start & stop themselves automagically
  • Improved component & UI syncing
  • Indicator now always displays in Flash IDE
  • Advanced UI migration helpers
  • Improved documentation & new FLA examples
  • View all 121+ changes since v2.0…

Enjoy a New Interface

Partigen 2 features a new big & beautiful interface, that includes a preset library and realtime preview integrated within Flash, so you can do what you need faster and easier. Intuitive controls bring the fun back.

Design with form and function.

Motion Controllers

Tweak Your Heart Out

Using MotionControllers™, you can customize your effects over their entire life with virtual Keyframes, not just their start or end values. You've asked for it, so here it is – full control over what matters most.

Simple or complex, effortlessly.

Virtual Keyframes with MotionControllers

Create & Install New Effects Easily

Thanks to the updated .pel (Partigen Effect Library) format, you'll never be limited to pre-packaged effects again. Installing new effects is a snap, and can be done right within Flash. Build upon a base of incredible presets and unleash a plethora of effects from your fingertips – instantly.

Create and share a part in something bigger.

PEL (Desuade Partigen Emitter Library)

Interact in Realtime

All of Partigen's effects are rendered in realtime – making your movies come to life with realistic and interactive effects in ways never before possible. Give your audience the incredible experience they deserve, and let your true talent shine.

Stop the rendering hassle and treat yourself to a delicious cup of instant gratification. Now.

Partigen 2 Screenshot
Partigen 2 Screenshot
Partigen 2 Screenshot

Jump Right In

It's even easier to start using Partigen now, and works just how you'd expect it to. Simply drag an emitter onto the stage where you want it, then use the exclusive easy-to-use interface to apply a preset or even create an effect from scratch. Nothing else let's you crete complex effects in seconds, and you almost don't even need the new jam-packed Getting Started Guide.

So easy, there's no coding needed. At all.

Play With Presets

Partigen features over 165 preset effects, such as: fire, smoke, explosions, sparkles, water, and many more bitmap & pixel effects. But what's the fun in using the same effects as everyone else? Since fun is valued so much at Desuade, not only is tweaking and adjusting every preset easy, but saving your own custom effects is a joy. And with the new CL2XML feature, you can be sharing presets with others in just a few clicks.

Discover how fun it is to be unique.

Preset Effects

Make More With Less

Now in ActionScript 3, Partigen provides up to 10x the performance of the original version – in a sleek package that's 200% smaller, allowing you to create effects that actually cost less. Please your clients within the bounds of your project, and achieve the results you desire, all while saving both time and money.

We're Getting Real – less is more.