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Desuade Partigen 2

Desuade's solutions have been featured at numerous industry events, publications, magazines, and blogs. Read the independent opinions from reviews and testimonials on Partigen from the most respected names.

Reviews: Flash on the Beach, Layers Magazine, Adobe Staff Pick


"Grudgingly, I’ll admit this blows After Effects out of the water." –Marcus Geduld | Layers Magazine

"...Partigen is an amazing extension!" –Lee Brimelow | Adobe (The Flash Blog)

"I have spent literally thousands on extensions for my Adobe products and this extension is definitely up there with the best of them. Definitely money well spent!" –Karen Chudobiak

"I know there are other opensource particle engines but desuade flash panel has been saving me a lot of time so I'm able to spend more on the actual project than trying to make awesome particle effects by codes. In fact, the panel is the main reason I bought a license." –

"The new Partigen System with the updated UI window and custom library feature is hands down the fastest and most feature rich particle component available for flash designers and developers." –RJ Forbes | CoralHouse

"I'm a hobbyist not a professional when it comes to building websites and custom flash content. I bought Partigen for its ease of use. It sure has helped me with making my flash banners and websites come to life. If i had to write all the code to create the stunning effects that can be produced when using Partigen it would never happen. Thank's to the guys at Partigen for helping me and my websites look so good (strictly my opinion). If I was better at what I do, the possibilities would be endless with Partigen." –

"Best as3-fx engine ever!" –

"While looking for an alternative to After Affects I found the Desuade Partigen extension. This extension far exceeded my expectations. The ease of use coupled with the many built in presets has allowed me to wow my customers in both video and flash projects. The extensive parameter settings has allowed me to add just the right touch. Simply the best extension in my extension manager, could not succeed without it!" –Doug Baltes | eMaginators, LLC

"I looked a long time for a good Flash particle system - and NOW I found Desuade Partigen. It's a very great software which lets you create particle effects in minutes, because there is a big bang feature - the realtime preview window. The performance is also very good and the results are fine to the clients and the projects. There are other good particle engines on the WEB, but Partigen is not only use by coding - quick preview with self made changes will do the job. And best at the end - save your own presets and drive the emitter through AS3 if you like - boom that's it. Partigen enables very good and fast effects to your Flash projects!" –Bernd Gellert | GeDaGraph | Germany